Our Philosophy:
Every child is unique and individual. At ACT Private Institute we take into account the interests and abilities of each student and with the right guidance we strive to achieve the best possible results. We plant the seed of knowledge and make sure it grows properly with a sense of responsibility for the work we undertake.

Our teaching approach:
Small classes
At ACT Private Institute, we create small sections and encourage the competition and ambition of our students.
Experienced teachers
Our teachers' long experience, methodicality, planning, personalized teaching are a guarantee for the achievement of the goals set by each student.
Interactive Courses
The lesson at ACT Private Institute is through the use of interactive audiovisual media that help to better remember the curriculum. This is how we, together with students and teachers, achieve quality and organized projects.
Teaching from books
Teaching is supported by books because students need the complete study proposal and not the fragmentary teaching with notes or leaflets.
Simulated examinations
At ACT, students are familiar with exams as they are required to take frequent simulation exams in the tutorial, based on a specific exam schedule.
Continuous updating of parents
We work closely and effectively communicate with parents to help their children progress. Parents are regularly informed of their children's progress, as evidenced and documented through their oral and written tests.

Courses offered:

  • English       
  • Russian               
  • Greek for Foreign Languages                   
  • Physics

Address: Sarantaporou 40, 3048, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 108 564   Mobile: +357 95 518 841    E-mail: actprivateinstitute@outlook.com

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