Anastasia’s Greek Learning Center is a premier experiential learning institute where we work to fully immerse our students in the language, culture, and traditions of local Cyprus.

We’re based in Limassol, one of Cyprus’ most exciting cities, and we frequently organizing exciting, engaging, and interactive excursions to help provide our students with real-world experiences to supplement their classroom instruction.

  • Limassol is one of the safest towns within the EU, and this can make it a desirable location for prospective students looking to further their Greek language education.
  • Limassol maintains a stress-free lifestyle, minimal pollution, and an awe-inspiring landscape to help promote a happy, healthy, and relaxing lifestyle.
  • Limassol is an exciting city that offers tons of traditional and cultural opportunities for our students to engage in and further their educational development




All the above courses, intensive and non-intensive, include several activities/outings at no extra charge (up to 54 hours each course). All the courses give special emphasis on speech production with the aim of getting students fluent and able to confidently communicate in all aspects of their life in Cyprus as quickly as possible.

Upon completion of these courses students are expected to be able to communicate in Greek comfortably, as well as communicate in various contexts of their lives on the island. Each three to four month block will cover a level (e.g. from A1 to A2, B2 to C1). These courses can be used to work towards the Proficiency in the Greek Language (C2) and the Certification of Greek Language Examination (A2) of the Ministry of Education & Culture of Cyprus.

The above exams apply to the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus requirements for applications for Cypriot Citizenship, Visa, Residence permit (A2) and jobs in the public sector (hospital, clinics, etc.) (C2).

Students can also work towards examinations in Edexcel GCSE/ Edexcel A-level with these courses and this can be discussed with the teacher in regards to each student individual pre-existing level of Greek.

* The Greek Material is included in the price.
* The Students who prepaid the whole amount have 10% discount
* The Groups are small (3-6 students max)

Experiential learning is more than just language courses and assignments; in fact, it’s all about immersing ourselves in a culture, in a location, and in a city that truly evokes everything that we talk about in the classroom.

In order to help our students truly experience everything that Cyprus has to offer, we frequently organize exciting and engaging team bonding activities like monthly excursions, Greek cooking lessons, archaeological visits, Greek movie nights, and so much more!


Address: Christaki Kranou 11, Germasogeia 4047, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 99758881   Email:      Web:

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