Up With English, is a private institute founded back in 1990. Our school specialises in preparing lesson plans, developing authentic teaching materials, and communicative classroom activities and also focuses on teaching through visuals, games, songs, chants, real materials, TPR activities and using technology and the Web.

The teaching staff are also very focused and a motivated with an in-depth knowledge in matters concerning specifically teaching English language to learners whose first language is not English.

The school teaches pupils of various ages, from 2 years old to grown-ups. Effective lesson plans and appropriate teaching materials are the keys to engage the learners in the learning process actively as well as motivating them. Some of our main services at school include: - English classes for all grades (children can start from the 1st classroom of primary school where we offer them their first year free of charge, pre - junior level) - I.G.C.S.E - IELTS - PanCyprian Examination Preparation - Private Lessons (focused on the needs and aims of individuals) - Teaching Greek to Learners - Supporting students at their English homework, test etc. (at school) - Proofreading University Assignments, Thesis etc. - Translating from Greek to English or vice Versa.


Address:  Kosti Palama 139, Limassol, Cyprus.
Tel:  +357 99 431 383 or +357 96 514 289   Email: up-with-english@hotmail.com

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